SAYA Goes on an Adventure

BY Ashraya, Grade 12

SAYA’s trip to Alley Pond Adventure Course in Queens was very exhilarating. Having been to an Adventure Course in the past, I thought I knew what to expect. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong. For the first segment of the trip, SAYA youth and staff engaged in games that required of us to be physically active, work in teams, and solve challenges and riddles. By warming us up and helping us bond, we were energized for the next portion.

Next, our large group was divided into smaller groups for team-building activities. My group’s first task was to use a rope in order to get everyone across a wooden platform. However, the rope was out of our reach and somehow we had to grab it. With some creativity, we decided to tie our jackets together and pull the rope towards us. We eventually completed the obstacle course. We were given other tasks but nothing our optimistic team couldn’t handle.

After lunch, we tackled the high-ropes zip-lining course. We all cheered on as our peers climbed a 45-foot pole, crossed wires and nets, and zipped to the end. It didn’t look too scary from the ground, but I empathized with everyone once I got to the top. Finally when it was time to zip-line I was filled with excitement to just jump. I clenched the rope when I jumped but was overwhelmed by the freedom in the air. I felt like the king of the world.

Overall, the day was filled with positive vibes, bonding and laughter. I’m glad and thankful that SAYA organized such a fun event. I hope everyone had a great time because I sure did.