SAYA Goes to the Rubin

BY Shadman, Grade 10

Our journey to the Rubin Museum was fun, entertaining and also interesting! When we started our trip from school, the fun began. All the SAYA members were full of enthusiasm. The Museum was showing the art of South Asia such as Nepal, Mongolia, India, Kashmir, the Himalayas etc. The most interesting thing about those ancient arts was their color contrast and detailing. Most of them were about ancient gods and deities. They had symmetric balance in their design and usually incorporated a circular motif. They emphasized their myths in the art. They also made great use of patterns and repetition. Their detailing was very attractive.

The other artifacts in this museum were also interesting. Most of them are made of bronze. That indicates the era of bronze. There were also some clay artifacts. Additionally, we saw some short documentaries and took pictures. It was a fun day at the museum and we are eagerly awaiting our next trip.