SAYA Enjoys a Night at the Museum


Junior year is really stressful when it comes to maintaining a good GPA and still having a good social life. This year, I barely get to hang out but SAYA! makes it easier for me to have fun while being with close friends. 

On a recent Friday evening, we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with our mentor, John. At first, I skimmed through the amazing historical objects at the museum . Later,  I went a few floors down and we were welcomed with delicious snacks. Afterwards, we went to the dance room and everyone had a good time with the lively music that was playing. We were informed about the Brooklyn Museum, art critics and other places we can obtain internships or simply participate in an extracurricular activity. 

The best part of the evening for me was when John took us to the roof where all the youth were welcomed as part of the tour. I'm  a city boy at heart, and I love the sight of New York City at night. From the rooftop,  we saw all of downtown and it looked amazing. Later we we returned to Elmhurst by a coach bus singing along the way and making jokes, having a great time. It was a wonderful experience, one I will never forget.