SAYA Senior Loves Internship at The Clinton Foundation

BY Basant, Grade 12

This past summer I interned at The Clinton Foundation in New York City. This internship has opened my eyes and influenced me deeply. I really enjoyed working with The Alliance for Healthier Generation, which aligns with my passion to pursue a career in health. My position was to research child obesity and its effects. As interns we also attended workshops that taught us public speaking, Excel training, formal essay writing, and college advising. I also got to meet some great people, like President Bill Clinton, through the seminars. I was able to receive feedback on any work that I did. This was important to me because the feedback has helped me turn my weaknesses into strengths. I mostly loved my experience because I felt welcome, and everyone there was very kind and available when I needed help. This position has been a very remarkable one. I want to dedicate this reflection to all the people at SAYA who had a role in helping me get this internship and to all the people at the Clinton Foundation who helped me grow through this experience