SAYA Youth Visit DAG Modern Art Gallery


On December 17, the students of Desi Young Men (DYM) attended a trip to the DAG Modern art gallery in Manhattan. Upon arrival, we were quickly greeted by Sunil Chaddha , who gave us a tour of some of the art that the gallery had to offer from their "Art of Bengal" exhibit. After the tour, students were given time to explore the gallery for themselves. Many of us, including myself, found the art, the use of different art styles such as cross-hatching and fauvism, and the backstories behind each piece of art, interesting. Afterwards, we sat and had a group conversation with Sunil, where we learned about his art background, his many career changes, and his interest in art. When we left, not only did I appreciate the art of a different culture more, but I also walked away learning more about the history of Bengal and India.