SAYA Goes to Smith College


Smith College is an all women's school in Northampton, Massachusetts. After a four-hour drive, we finally arrived and got off the bus to explore. I realized that the campus was very peaceful since the neighborhood is suburban and very beautiful. Being a city girl, I wasn't used to being in a place that was very quiet with no buses and cars around. One of the things that interested me the most was the fact that the dorms were located in houses. Each house has at least 40 students, and the maximum number is 60. Once you are a sophomore you get to have a room all to yourself which I thought was awesome! Also the fact that you get to study abroad and bring along your financial aid package was a bonus which is rare in most colleges.  Being in a college with all women felt very empowering as everyone is very friendly and open to one another. This was a very diverse community and the experience was amazing as I got to realize what I want in a college and what I don't.