Desi Young Women's Professional Development Day at Deloitte

35 young women from SAYA woke up extra early on Saturday, December 13th, 2015 to attend our annual Professional Development Day at Deloitte. Since establishing this event three years ago, women at Deloitte have served as inspiring role models and mentors for young women at SAYA. 

During the opening panel, four Deloitte staff members shared their experiences as professional women of color working in the fast-paced consulting industry. They discussed their academic paths, college and internship experiences, and their struggles to figure out their career paths. 

During an engaging networking lunch, youth spoke one-on-one with Deloitte volunteers. They then rotated through three workshops, focusing on public speaking skills, networking skills, and resume writing. The young women ended the day feeling more confident in themselves and their ability to make their academic and professional dreams come true.  SAYA thanks all the amazing and dedicated Deloitte volunteers who make this event possible each year!