SAYA Visits the Constitution Museum


We visited the Constitution Museum after our tour of Haverford and the University of Pennsylvania.  The first thing we noticed were the flags of each of the 50 states strung from the ceiling.  Our tour group tried to identify as many states as we could; we did not know as many as we had hoped!  We saw a miniature model of the White House which gave us a bird’s eye view of this national monument and put into perspective how complex it really is.  Our group enjoyed best the interactive digital exhibit that allowed us to select any national constitution and read from it.  Each of us read the constitution of our native country, which included Pakistan, Bangladesh and Tibet.  There were also exhibits that showcased the darker side of our history, including the pro-slavery south and the formation of the KKK.  It was an important reminder that despite the positive values of the US Constitution, there is still potential for serious civil conflict.