SAYA Teens Take the Met


In October, the Metropolitan Museum of Art hosted a Teens Take the Met event, which allowed youth to take over the museum for an evening. Youth had the chance to participate in art making, witness performances, explore galleries and more! 

By Amina & Shraddha
Going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with SAYA was an amazing experience for me. I learned so much about my peers and had such a good time exploring the Met with them. Going to the Met allowed us to experience and learn about art, not just look at it. The museum was filled with history and culture of the world. It was entertaining to do all the activities that they had planned for teens. Me and my friends especially enjoyed making buttons and tote bags, it was a good way to express ourselves because we could write or draw whatever we wanted on them. It was a great way to show our beliefs and experiences in life. The Met was also enlightening because it exposed us to the other teen events happening all around New York City. We will definitely go back to Teens take the Met.

By Shahid
The trip the museum was an amazing experience. It was first time I took the coach bus with SAYA and when we got to the museum it was so cool. We had the chance to see Chinese and European artifacts and sculptures. I also made buttons and a clay sculpture. Some of my friends made handbags with their own sayings on it. It was so much fun!