SAYA Young Men Take a Trip to Madame Tussauds


On February 21 the SAYA young men’s group went to the Madame Tussauds wax museum in Manhattan near Times Square. Honestly, it was a great time. For someone who does not visit the city very often, being able to visit was a fun experience. During the trip we got to see many iconic figures as wax statues and we took a lot of photos. After the wax museum we walked around the city for a while trying to decide where to eat. When we finally found a place and started eating, the crew began discussing various topics and we really got to know and understand each other. Thanks to the trip we were able given to learn and bond. I feel the opportunity to go to this trip provided me with a better sense of community and fellowship. Being able to travel to the city with my peers really expanded my horizons. I felt honored to have been able to attend with the group.