Exploring Colleges in Upstate New York


During the Spring semester, SAYA high school youth take a three day trip to visit colleges. This year, the trip was to was to Upstate New York and included a range of different campus and school types, allowing youth to get familiar with their options and discover their preferences. Students visited Iona College, Skidmore College, SUNY New Paltz, SUNY Purchase and Union College.

By Shreya and Mark
The first college that we visited as a SAYA group was Iona College. Because it was the first school we were seeing, we were all very excited. Our presenter gave us information and a whole run-down to what the school is all about and we felt very welcomed. From its academic 5-year programs which allow students to obtain their bachelor's and master's degree in five years rather than six, to its variety of countries for studying abroad, it is easy to say we literally fell in love with the school. After the tour, we had lunch as a group in Iona’s cafeteria, which had food choices ranging from tacos to chicken tenders to sushi. Only 35 minutes from New York City and with its small and easily accessible campus, Iona is definitely somewhere to apply to.

By Joyeta
SUNY New Paltz is a college located near the Hudson River valley with an undergraduate population of 6,699. With this average sized pool of students, there is a student to faculty ratio of 15 to 1. The school’s requirements include an 89 to 94 high school GPA with an SAT score ranging from 1090 to 1240. SUNY New Paltz is a scenic campus in a rural setting where most incoming first years live in dorms. One of the most popular majors is psychology, which is also one of the most popular majors in the country. Media is another popular major followed by sociology and early childhood education. Overall, the school seems to be very art and business oriented. According to many reviews, SUNY New Paltz is not very science oriented, however they've recently opened a new science building, so that may be subject to change with future students. 

By Lamiha
The last college we visited, SUNY New Paltz, left me with an excited feeling for my future process in choosing a college to attend. Upon arriving, we were first taken to The Atrium which was a triangular glass building famously representing SUNY New Paltz. This peculiar yet unique building really set the idea of what type of school SUNY New Paltz is. Our tour guides were all part of the social club SACA (South Asian Cultural Association) that celebrates South Asian culture and highlights the taboos present in the community. In addition, they really stressed that faculty at the school are very cooperative and willing to do whatever needed for their students such as hiring professors or organizing classes to fit a student's particular major or interests. The school's accelerated medical program allows students to graduate in three years and guarantees an interview with a linked medical school. Students also have the ability to form their own clubs, organize events on campus and take part in international trips. The school's Red Cross club fundraises for impoverished countries and then takes a trip to that country to do further charity work. Students in the club recently went to Honduras and do not necessarily have to be in the medical track to take part in this. Overall, SUNY New Paltz left an impression on me that may lead me to apply there.