Visit to Worcester State University

By Stephano and Araya

From July 26-July 28, 2017 we attended a college visit trip provided to us by SAYA, in order to ascertain and examine which colleges and Universities we may want to go to and what they look like, including their standards and locations. We attended multiple universities, but one of the most interesting ones was Worcester University, showing much promise in multiple fields and our interests. On our trip we learned many facts about the university and its features. “Worcester State University has a variety of clubs and communities, with over 35 and counting.” To us, it seemed like a very interesting, beautiful and impressive place to commence studying our majors. 

Locations and the City’s Background
-Parking all around school grounds
-In and out of state tuition: +21k including housing
-Focused mostly on Arts and Sciences, with specialties in Medicine and Computer Science
-Located in Worcester
-Offers Bachelor's and Master's degrees
-Acceptance rate: 69%
-A Public school in Massachusetts
-Diverse student population
-Student dormitories located on campus; along with therapists and counseling

-Library contains a Starbucks cafe and lounge room
-If you are part of the Honors Classes or Programs, you are allowed the opportunity to have lunch with President and main figures of the University

Sullivan Academic Center 
-Is the main building of the University, and is a study department offering education in: Math, Liberal arts and literature, Law and legal issues
-Financial aid classes
-Contains an office where a college campus card may be bought that is used to pay for stuff on campus or pay bills

Worcester State University Career & Majors Choices
-Science and technology majors (Doctors, medicine, computer science)
-Students given access to Art gallery for free and allowed to post art.
-Labs: clinic skills, ADL, sensor-lab
-A Communication disorder center and training.
-Nursing department complete with its own office and robots to practice and improve students skills.
-Professional training and classes for therapy majors.
-Design courses in the fields of fashion.

The Wellness and Athletics Center
-New building, opened last September, and includes an indoor high tech gym
-2 floors
-50% of all power from the generators at the University provided from students working out on the cardio equipment
-Yoga, dance and self defense for men and women
-A lounge room
-National teams
-No swimming clubs or pools, but there is a YMCA downtown
Dowden Hall
-Only freshman
-Convenience store
-Living room
-Traditional style
-Boys wing, girls wing
-Study room
-Room comes with own dresser, desk, bed, closet
-Has single rooms and double rooms 

Sheahan Hall
-Main dining hall
-2 pool tables and table soccer
-Gorgeous view of the field
-Includes multiple delis, kitchens, hotline and salad bars and my favorite, an ice cream station

Chandler Village
-Only has upper class students
-Much like an apartment
-Has a fountain nearby and lots of beautiful scenery