SAYA Youth Visit Columbia University


On Wednesday, October 31st, SAYA’s Leadership group from Newcomers High School visited Columbia University. One participant shared her experience of the trip:

”Our Leadership group recently visited Columbia University where we met Miss Sarah, who was a SAYA teacher and is now a graduate student at the University. She had very good experience with SAYA, and told us how helpful the program and her teaching experience was in preparing her for graduate school. I really enjoyed being  with the other SAYA members. There were many things to learn that will be helpful in our lives.

This was my first time going to Columbia University, which is in Morningside Heights. My first impression of the college was amazing. We saw the beautiful statues, which all had deep meanings. We went to the library, which was mostly for social work students. We also looked at some projects and photographs which were taken in all different countries.

The waterfalls were amazing, and the greenery looked so beautiful. We took lots of fun pictures, including  from a place where you could see the city lights all illuminated. I saw many wonderful things I had not seen before .

Miss Riti and Miss Sarah shared with us their opinions on different career and paths. They discussed how to get good jobs by working hard and using the right techniques. It was a wonderful trip, where we Iearned many things and enjoyed myself very much.”

- Jasleen