SAYA Youth at PS 124 Focus on STEM through Architecture this Spring


Two groups of fifth grade SAYA youth at PS 124 recently concluded courses that taught them STEM and the application of math and science outside of the classroom. The first group participated in a 17-week course on the architecture of skyscrapers. Thanks to a generous grant from Con Edison, 20 youth participated in the weekly class, the curriculum for which was provided by the Salvadori Center. Youth learned how to identify different designs and architectural elements present in skyscrapers and, for their final project, applied concepts such as proportion, scale, and building function to designing and constructing their own modular unit skyscraper.

The second group participated in a digital architecture course, provided in partnership with Marquis Studio. These youth learned what goes into the design and building of homes and robots, and how digital models are used in doing so.

Both groups recently presented their final projects to their peers and teachers at an end of year showcase. Below are some youth reflections from these courses, and photos from the skyscrapers class.


“This class was an amazing experience, and I would love to do it again. We learned how to make skyscrapers, and about length, width, volume, and scale. I loved our teacher.” - Emmanuella

“I learned that architects use 3D models to plan houses. We used different tools to build houses and robots, and math helped me so I knew what size everything had to be. Now I want to make and design toys when I grow up.” - Ethan


“The activities were a lot of fun and I got to learn a lot. I learned how to build a skyscraper using straws and jacks, and an area model. The teacher was a good instructor and she helped us when we needed it.” - Savanna

“It was fun and I liked making the robots and the beach house. It was fun and I got to learn about different things.” - Vianny

“I learned how to connect and work with my team members.” - Julie