SAYA Youth Visit Five Colleges in the DC Area

From April 22nd to the 24th, SAYA youth in high school took a trip to Washington, DC, visiting five colleges over three days. On their last day, they took a trip to the National Mall to visit several nearby monuments as well. Below are some of their reflections from these tours.


Walking around the University of Pennsylvania campus felt like walking into the past. It’s buildings are beautiful and historic, all of its features are gorgeous. The school offers a variety of majors, such as biological science, economics, mechanical engineering, philosophy, and many more - and having so many options would allow me to meet all kinds of people majoring in different activities. During my visit with SAYA, we met three students, who presented their experience at UPenn. We learned that the school wants the best for their students, and encourages them to take advantage of available resources. It was a great experience visiting, I truly loved it.
- Gianni

UPenn was an amazing and eye opening experience for me. The campus was pretty, and the students we met gave us lots of great advice about college admissions and financial tips. We learned it’s beneficial to take advantage of the college librarians, because they can help you find numerous resources for your research projects. From the students at the Intercultural Center, I learned that UPenn had the most diverse student body out of all the Ivy League schools, as well as great student resources. It is a really great school, with many programs to choose from.
- Puspita


George Washington University was great to visit, and to learn about its many programs. The school supplies a large amount of student resources, and with so many students around you can get to know all kinds of people. If I got the chance to go here, I would happily take it!
- Desmond

Visiting George Washington University was a new experience for me. As a predominantly white institution, it was interesting to experience a place so unlike New York City. However, everyone we met was very welcoming and it was amazing to visit and see the beautiful campus.
- Vanessa


The vibe on the Howard University campus was very calm and open, and there were many beautiful places to sit and study outside. Walking through the campus was peaceful, and the students were easy to interact with. A lot of people offered assistance, asking if we needed directions or help. The school held a lot of historical importance, which was interesting to learn about.
- Prova

I really appreciated the diversity at Howard University. There were many people of color, whom I could connect with. I also liked the overall environment. For me, a quiet environment is a good place to study and concentrate on my work. I loved this school, and I will definitely apply! I'm grateful that SAYA gave me the opportunity to explore different types of colleges.
- Meni


Georgetown University has a beautiful campus, and rigorous courses. The level of academics shows the university’s investment in their students education and futures, and the desire to push them along toward success. This is reflected in the University’s alumni. The institution encourages students to make use of numerous opportunities, such as participating in athletics or joining clubs. Internships are also encouraged to show students their future professional options. I thoroughly enjoyed our tour, and I am definitely interested in applying to the university.
- Sam

Georgetown University is a very competitive college, and we learned a lot about it through this tour. We spoke with several students who are POC, who told us about clubs and other activities around the school that helped them to stay in touch with culture. As someone who considers my religion a part of my identity, I really liked learning about all of the religious representation throughout the college. The people at Georgetown were really nice, and the tour guide gave us a lot of information about the academics and the students. We learned about a program called Georgetown Scholars, which helps first generation students work to graduate school within four years. I will definitely apply for this college next year because of the various opportunities, and the chance to discover what I want to do in the future.
- Zumanah


When visiting the University of Maryland, we walked by the Hornbake Library, where you can see numerous walkways stretching all over, toward the Hornbake Library North, the Biology and Psychology building, and others. We walked by numerous student facilities, including the stadium, recreation center, golf course, and more. I learned that this campus provides students with many opportunities and recreational options. If you’re looking for a college with a large campus and student body, then this would be your university for you!
- Mohmmed

Visiting the University Of Maryland was a joyful experience for me. I immediately noticed how big the campus was, and all the students we met were very nice and told us all about the school. I learned that it has over 900 clubs! They have a great resource center as well, including a library with seven floors. The building was designed to encourage the students to enter it without feeling intimidated. The campus also had its own farm! The farm animals’ milk is also used to make their own ice cream which I found very cool. Because the campus is so large, they have a blue light system which allows student to press when they are in an emergency, and  most classes are clustered in a few of the main buildings so students can get to class on time. The University has a lot of opportunities and resources, which is very handy for students.
- Senjuti