SAYA Youth Visit The New School and New York University


On August 9th, a group of SAYA high school youth visited The New School and New York University in downtown Manhattan, where they toured the campuses and learned about each school’s variety of offerings. Below are some of their reflections from these visits.


“My trip to The New School with SAYA was very interesting, as it was the first performing arts college I visited. The New School offers many unique majors involving art and design. On our tour, I was able to see the different paths the college offers as well as different art pieces made by students. They also showed us some studios, and we were able to see students creating new pieces. We also saw the different and advanced methods of creating art available, like 3D printing. I look forward to more college trips like this one!”
- Kaljang

“The New School is a great place for students with creative minds. It is a good fit for people who want to major in architecture, web design, fashion design, photography, and other types of art. The college provides so many kinds of supplies for students, such as 3D printers and sewing machines, as well as materials for painting and drawing. This was truly a pleasant experience.”
- Tasbih


“Our trip to New York University was a very insightful visit. I believe it was more of an opportunity than a trip because it opened up so many doors. We were introduced to one of the school’s admissions facilitators who works with underprivileged communities. She provided us with details about the variety of programs offered at NYU, and informed us about the many programs available there for junior high and high school students as well. 

The second portion of our visit included a tour of the NYU campus. The tour really emphasized how immersed and integrated the NYU campus is within Manhattan, which allows for students to easily commute to and from school, and take part in activities across the city. I was so impressed by the vastness of the library, and would have loved to look through their collection, but unfortunately there was not enough time. Overall, I really enjoyed the NYU experience.”
- Satnam

“NYU has an expansive campus that takes over most of Greenwich Village, heading into other parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn. What impressed me most is that they provide the  opportunity to study abroad - almost anywhere in the world. I found NYU’s library to be luxurious. It has over two million books, and during certain times of the year is open for 24 hours. Going to NYU for the first time with SAYA was an amazing experience for me. I’ve always idolized this university as my first choice, so visiting helped me to get a grasp on what attending would be like.”
- Noushin