SAYA Youth Learn about Consulting and Resume Writing at Deloitte

By Rifaeat, GRADE 11 

At first I was very reluctant to go on the Deloitte trip because I didn’t think that it would benefit me. However, when I got there my mind was very quickly changed. Deloitte ended up teaching me and helping me with many things. During the first half of our visit we had one-on-one talks with members of Deloitte about our resumes. I didn’t bring a resume, but even then I was able to talk for nearly an hour with someone who gave me valuable information and talked about what should and shouldn’t be on my resume. I was shown a resume that looked perfect, but the Deloitte speaker was able to point out mistakes and things that could have been improved. It was very easy to relate to them since they were people like us who had no idea what they wanted to be and didn’t instantly know what they wanted to do. They went to college, worked on resumes and had first hand experience of success and failure of their own. The advice and suggestions given to me by Deloitte will definitely stick with me and help me in making my own resume when I need to.

Another thing we did was something called “Shark Tank.” They gave us a problem and in groups of four, we had to create a solution. Our guide, Iram, helped us out a lot with the problem and we were able to create a presentation in a short amount of time. The “Shark Tank” activity showed us a real world situation that could likely happen, gave us valuable experience and helped a lot of people who didn’t like public speaking. The activity was very valuable in many ways and as someone who hates public speaking, the “Shark Tank: activity helped me get over that by forcing me to speak to everyone in a group alongside other people that were shy. I had to step up and try and keep the presentation together, and apparently I did just that according to the judges.

The Deloitte trip was something I wasn’t excited about, but after I experienced it, I’m very glad I went. I don’t think I’ve had a trip that has really been of value to me like this trip. The advice given to me will always be in my head ready to be used, and of course thanks to the Deloitte employees I was able to get a much better understanding of what consultants do. They really amazed me with their dedication and hard work, both the trip and the volunteers that came to help us really did just that, I’m sure there isn’t a single SAYA student who walked out saying the trip was boring or useless.