SAYA has been working within the Queens and Brooklyn community for over two decades, bringing fun and beneficial youth development programming to thousands of  young people. With a supportive organizational culture, we offer a healthy work-life balance at a fast-growing non-profit and remain committed to providing our employees with opportunities to flourish. As part of the SAYA community, you will belong to a diverse and passionate family, grow your professional skills, and thrive alongside SAYA’s amazing youth. Join us in helping build bright futures!


Positions Available:

Development & Finance

Finance & Operations Associate



Director of Elementary and Middle School Programs
Program Director of Middle School Program
Program Manager, Middle School to High School Transition
Director of Program Design & Evaluation
Program Coordinator of College Access & Success

Activity Specialist
Program Director of Elementary School Program
Architecture Activity Specialist-Middle School-Ozone Park
SHSAT Activity Specialist-Middle School-Queens
Drama, Middle School, Astoria
Dance Activity Specialist-Middle School-Glendale
Martial Arts, Middle School, Ozone Park
Visual Arts, Elementary School, Kensington
Visual Arts, Middle School, Astoria
Healthy Living, Middle School, Glendale
Physical Activity, Middle School, Ozone Park
Soccer Activity Specialist-Middle School-Ozone Par
Graphic Design, Middle School, Glendale
Graphic Design, Elementary School, Kensington

Mentor, Elementary School, Kensington
Mentor, Elementary School, South Ozone Park
Mentor, Middle School, Ozone Park
Mentor, Middle School, Glendale

Mentor, Middle School, Astoria