During the spring of 2019, young women in our leadership programming at Irwin Altman Middle School 172 took part in a letter-writing activity, composing letters to the women in their lives whom they look up to. They shared their appreciation for the guidance and support they have received, and highlighted memories they cherish. Below are some selections from these deeply heartfelt letters.

Grandma: You are a true hero to me. You are so brave, and coming all the way to another side of the world while speaking another language is truly inspiring to me. You support us in our decisions, and always make us laugh at our worst times.
Love, Simran

Mom: I love you so much - you are my hero. You inspire me in so many ways. I think it’s amazing how you were born in Dubai, received a full education, and then moved to America when you got married. You have adjusted so quickly. People tell me that superheroes don’t exist but I’m guessing that they haven’t met you because you’re my very own Wonder Woman. Thank you for being such an inspiration.
Love, Aleeza

Hero (Mom): Thank you, for everything. You have been there for every step of my life. Been there to support me and help me through my hardest times. You have always pushed me to be the very best version of myself and to work for the things I need. Thank you for making me independent. Love, Roshni.

M is for the many times that you hugged me
O is for the outstanding things that you do
M is for the memories that we had together
MOM is what I am most grateful for.
Love, Alexandria

Aunty: You’re the best. I have lots of memories of time spent with you. You are the best aunt ever. You always help me and make me smile. You are the best aunt ever.
Love, Dilsimran

Mom: I wanted to dedicate this to you, the person who stayed up until midnight to wish me a happy birthday. I look up to you mom.  Thank you for being so powerful. I love you.
Love, Alja